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Grand Rounds Schedule

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Abramson Cancer Center Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Abramson Cancer Center M&M Conference 2016-2017
Acute Leukemia and Myeloid Neoplasms Case Conference 2016-2017
Allergy and Immunology Grand Rounds Lecture Series 2016-2017
Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation Case and Quality Conference 2016-2017
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Quality Conference 2016-2017
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Research in Progress Seminar 2016-2018
Billing Compliance and Chart Documentation 2016-2017
Bonner Conference Division of Hematopathology Multi-Institutional Conference 2017-2018
Cardiology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Cardiovascular CT Surgery Case Conference 2016-2017
Cardiovascular Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Case Conference 2016-2017
CCEB Epidemiology Seminar Series 2016-2017
CCH Penn Medicine Breast Conference 2016-2017
CCH Penn Medicine Cancer Conference 2016-2017
CCH Penn Medicine Thoracic Conference 2016-2017
Chester County Hospital Heart and Vascular Quality Review Series 2016-2017
Chester County Hospital Non-Invasive Cardiology Quality Review Series 2016-2017
Chestnut Hill Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Chestnut Hill Hospital Medicine M&M Conference 2016-2017
Chestnut Hill Hospital Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 2016-2017
Duhring Dermatology Case and Quality Improvement Conference 2016-2017
Duhring Dermatology Lectureship Conference 2016-2017
Emergency Medicine Clinical Case Conference and Quality Improvement Conference 2016-2018
Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds 2016-2018
Endocrinology Grand Rounds 2016-2018
Epilepsy Surgical Case Conference 2016-2017
Gastroenterology Grand Rounds 2016-2018
General Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Series 2016-2017
Geriatric Educational Conference 2016-2017
GI Oncology Multidisciplinary Case Conference and Tumor Board 2016-2018
Hematology Case Conference 2016-2017
Hematology Oncology Fellows Tumor Board Case Conference 2016-2017
Hematopathology Educational Conference 2016-2017
Hemodialysis Access Conference 2016-2017
HIV Grand Rounds from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 2016-2017
Holy Redeemer Hospital Medical Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Holy Redeemer Hospital Multidisciplinary Breast Case Conference 2016-2017
Holy Redeemer Hospital Quarterly Departmental Quality Meetings 2016-2017
Holy Redeemer Hospital Tumor Board 2016-2017
HUP Schwartz Center Rounds 2016- 2017
Infectious Diseases Case Management Conference 2016-2017
Interprofessional Palliative Care Seminar Series 2016-2017
Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellows Lecture Series 2016-2017
Medical Education Journal Club at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania 2016-2017
Medical Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Medical Quality Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2016-2017
Melanoma and Cutaneous Malignancy Tumor Board 2016-2018
Mini Retreats & Debriefing Sessions for Doctoring I & II Faculty 2016-2017
Movement Disorder Neurology Case Conference 2016-2017
Multidisciplinary Mechanical Circulatory Support Case Review 2016-2017
Neuroendocrine Tumor Board 2016-2017
Neurology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Neurology Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2017-2018
Neurosurgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Obstetrics and Gynecology Quality and Educational Forum 2016-2017
Occupational Medicine Residency Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Occupational Medicine Residency Journal Club 2016-2017
Ophthalmology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
OTO Head and Neck Surgery Tumor Board 2016-2017
Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery M&M Conference 2016-2017
PAH Medical Grand Rounds 2016-2017
PAH Medical M&M Conference 2016-2017
PAH Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology Case Conference 2016-2017
PAH Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
PAH Obstetrics and Gynecology Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2016-2017
PAH Radiology Case Conference & Quality Improvement Conference 2016-2017
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Wednesday Noon Residents Lecture 2016-2017
Pathology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Pathology Interesting Cases Conference 2016-2017
Penn Genitourinary Malignancies Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 2016-2017
Penn Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Case Conference 2016-2017
Penn Rheumatology Clinical Curriculum 2016-2017
PENN-CHOP Blood Center for Patient Care and Discovery 2016-2017
Perinatal Medicine Clinical Conference 2016-2018
Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Plastic Surgery Journal Club 2016-2017
Plastic Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2016-2017
PPMC Cardiology Cath Case Conference 2016-2017
PPMC Cardiology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
PPMC Cardiothoracic Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
PPMC Emergency Medicine Educational Conference 2016-2017
PPMC Interprofessional Hospital Education Series 2017-2018
PPMC Medicine Quality Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2016-2018
PPMC Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 2016-2017
PPMC Penn Cardiology Clinical Case Management Conference 2016-2017
PPMC Penn Cardiology Morbidity and Mortality Conference 2016-2017
PPMC Prostate Tumor Board 2016-2017
PPMC Subspecialty Updates Lecture Series 2016-2017
PPMC Trauma Case and Quality Conference 2017-2018
PPMC Trauma Grand Rounds 2017-2018
Practical Applications in Forensic Psychiatry 2016-2017
Psychiatry Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Pulmonary and Critical Care Summer Lecture Series 2016-2017
Pulmonary Case Conference 2016-2017
Radiation Oncology Weekly Chart Rounds 2016-2017
Radiology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Renal Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Renal Transplant Conference 2016-2017
Rheumatology Case Management Conference 2016-2017
Rheumatology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Shore Medical Center Henry Seidel, MD Cancer Conference 2016-2017
Shore Medical Center Multidisciplinary Colon Diagnosis and Treatment Conference 2017-2018
Shore Medical Center Prospective Breast Cancer Conference 2016-2017
Sleep Medicine Clinical Case Conference 2016-2017
Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Student Health Service Grand Round Series 2016-2018
Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Case Conference 2016-2017
TAVR Case Conference 2017-2018
Transfusion Medicine Journal Club 2016-2017
Urology Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Urology Journal Club 2016-2017
Urology Management Quality Conference 2016-2017
VA Psychiatry Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Vascular Surgery Grand Rounds 2016-2017
Viral Hepatitis Grand Rounds from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania 2016-2017
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