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Activity Title Points
Antibiotics in Acute Exacerbations of COPD 0.25
Antidiabetic Noninsulin Medications 0.75
Approach to Treatment of the Hypertensive Patient 1.25
Common Errors in Measuring Blood Pressure 0.25
Depression in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 0.25
Distinguishing Between T2DM and T1DM 0.25
Effective Communication to Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes 0.25
Elderly, Hypertensive Plus Comorbidities: Not Easy to Treat 0.5
Errors in the Use of Insulin 0.25
Geriatrics for the Practicing Professional: How Much Time Do I Have? The Determination of Prognosis and How to Communicate Effectively 1
Hypertension in African Americans 0.25
Hypertension in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease 0.5
Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) 0.25
Hypertension in Women 0.25
Improving Blood Pressure using the Team Approach 0.25
Initiating and Maintaining Antidiabetic Drug Therapy 0.75
Managing a Depressed Patient with Type 2 Diabetes 0.25
Managing the Patient with Resistant Hypertension 0.5
Motivating Patients to Make Lifestyle Changes and Take Medications 0.75
Office Spirometry: Performance and Interpretation 0.5
Practice Improvement Scenario 0.25
Prehypertension – Definition and Management 0.25
Refining Treatment for a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes 0.25
Screening for Prediabetes and Diabetes 0.75
Self-Management Education and Support for Patients 0.25
Smoker has her first exacerbation of COPD 0.5
Special Age Populations: Children, Adolescents, and the Elderly 0.5
Starting Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes 1
Stepwise Approach to Improving Management of Your Patients 1.25
Talking Diabetes With Your Patients: Practical Strategies for Overcoming Barriers and Improving Care with Effective Communication Strategies 4
The State of Adult Immunizations: A Time to Act! 1.25
When to Refer Patients with COPD 0.25
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